Our Story


Darkling explores the materiality of latex in its multiple shape shifting presences.


We make unique wearable matter through collaborative production and aim to establish a fully ecological making process.
Coming from different artistic backgrounds, we collaborate as a group in search to discover new production methods.


The sensuality and material qualities of latex bring interesting boundaries and opportunities we love working with.

Mission Statement


We derive from the conventional and make wearable and non-wearable art by using a material that is vegan and as sustainable as possible. We are a platform for self-development and invite feminist artists to be part of a movement where art can be part of sustainable awareness.


Thijske Akerboom

Art Director

Olga Middendorp

Performance Artist

Nina De Jong


Through her vibrant, stylised visuals, Lotte Keijzer is conveying her experiences, emotions, and observations, with an accent on female perspective. Confronting everyday frustrations, concerns, and insecurities with humor, her vibrant renderings are relatable allegories that provide a sense of relief.

Lotte Keijzer


As an artistic researcher with a focus on socio- political issues, Vicky De Visser is deeply interested in the material connection and ecology of selves. She researches the interactions and influences of human bodies with non-humans, plantlife and materials.

Vicky De Visser

Audiovisual performer

Sandra Stanyonite

Performance artist